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Perth (West Australia) Royal Show 2000

Best of Breed Winner:  Grand Champion Sligrachan Ardnadam
Runner up Best of Breed: Ch. Sligrachan Drums Gigha

Class Results as follows:-
Baby puppy dog:    Entry 1
1st    Houndmaster Executive    Mrs S Freshwater

Puppy Dog:     Entry 3
1st    Clarion Cameo Crown    Mr & Mrs Mawby
2nd    Mayster Flashman        B & M Birkenshaw
3rd    Sligrachan Bobby Dazzler    Sligrachan Knls (Watson)

Junior Dog    Entry 3
1st    Clarion Willie Wagtail    Mr & Mrs Mawby
2nd    Bitville Nigel                R Gordon
3rd Tobarenny Peppar Pot     S Rumble

Inter Dog    Entry 4
1st    Sligrachan Braveheart    Sligrachan Knls
2nd    Sligrachan Ardnadreen    E Wallington
3rd    Clarion Chapel                C & T Mawby

State Bred Dog    Entry   6
1st    Aust/NZ CH Clarion Cherish A Memory    C & T Mawby
2nd    Sligrachan Drumbuie    Sligrachan Knls
3rd    Sligrachan Akoorba       P Hanshaw

Open Dog:    Entry   6
1st    Aust Grand CH Sligrachan Ardnadam    Sligrachan Knls
2nd    CH Mayster Monteverdi    B & M Birkenshaw
3rd    Ch Clarion Crushed Nuts    C & T Mawby

C.C. Winner:    Aust Grand CH Sligrachan Ardnadam
Reserve C.C. Winner    Aust/Nz CH Clarion Cherish A Memory

Baby Bitch:    Entry 2
1st    Bitville Cheeky Clio    R Gordon
2nd Sligrachan Tartan Trump    Sligrachan knls

Minor Bitch   No entries

Puppy Bitch    Entry      4
1st    Mayster Merrie Maid    B & M Birkenshaw
2nd    Bitville Emma B            R Gordon
3rd    Clarion Cameo Belle    C & T Mawby

Junior Bitch    Entry  3
1st    Clarion Butterfly            C & T Mawby
2nd    Sligrachan Drums Aura    Sligrachan Knls
3rd    Clarion Cameo Song  (withdrawn)

Intermediate Bitch    Entry   3
1st    Sligrachan Mary oArgyll    Sligrachan Knls
2nd    Clarion Crushed Pepper    C & T Mawby
3rd    Berryhill Dancer                B & M Birkenshaw

State bred Bitch    Entry   6
1st    Tobarenny Tina Turner        S Rumble
2nd    Clarion Cloud Folly            T & C Mawby
3rd    Ch Sligrachan Dazzler        Sligrachan Knls

Open Bitch    Entry     5
1st    Aust CH Sligrachan Drums Gigha    Sligrachan Knls
2nd    Aust CH Clarion Cherish A Lulaby    C & T Mawby
3rd    Sligrachan Drums Argyll                Sligrachan Knls

Bitch C.C. Winner:    CH Sligrachan Drums Gigha
Reserve C.C. Winner: CH Clarion Cherish A lulaby

OCTOBER 1, 2000 Western Australia Beagle Club Show  (results and pictures)